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Presentations and publications

Oral presentations related to abstracts by Cedars-Sinai Spine Center physicians at the North American Spine Society's 27th Annual Meeting, held Oct. 24-27 in Dallas:

  • Spivak J.M., Delamarter R.B., Murrey D.B., Zigler J.E., Janssen M.E., Goldstein J.A.: Adjacent Level Radiographic Degenerative Changes Following Single-Level Artificial Disc Replacement or ACDF at Five- to Seven-Year Follow-Up.
  • Delamarter R.B., Zigler J.E., Murrey D.B., Janssen M.E., Spivak J.M.: Seven-Year Reoperation Rates: Results of a Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial: Cervical Total Disc Replacement Versus Fusion.
  • Delamarter R.B., Zigler J.E.: Does Two-Level 360-Degree Lumbar Spinal Fusion Improve Long-Term Clinical Outcomes After Failure of Conservative Treatment in Patients with Functionally Disabling Two-Level Degenerative Lumbar Disc Disease? Results of Five-Year Follow-Up in Fifty-Two Randomized Postoperative Patients.
  • Kropf M.A., Bedi H., Kanim L.E.A., Kim J., Rasouli A., Bae H.W., Delamarter R.B.: Disc Replacement for Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease: Analysis of One Site Participating in the USA-FDA trial of Freedom Disc vs. ProDisc-L.
  • Sheyn D., Bae H.W., Oh A., Tawackoli W., Gazit D., Gazit Z.: Resident Stem Cells of the Nucleus Pulposus are Affected by Tissue Degeneration.
  • Davis R.J., Araghi A., Bae H.W., Hisey M.S., Nunley P.D.: Investigational Device Exemption Trial of Cervical Arthroplasty for Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease at Two Levels: 24-Month Results of 330 Subjects.
  • Davis R.J., Araghi A., Bae H.W., Hisey M.S., Nunley P.D.: Comparison of Outcomes After Treatment of Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease at One or Two Levels with Total Disc Replacement.
  • Jawahar A., Nunley P.D., Araghi A., Bae H.W., Davis R.J., Hisey M.J., Jackson R.J.: Number of Levels Involved at Index Surgery Significantly Affects the Outcomes After Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: Analysis of Data from a Multicenter Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial.
  • Davis R.J., Araghi A., Bae H.W., Hisey M.S., Nunley P.D.: Comparison of Complication Rates Associated with Two-Level Cervical Arthroplasty Versus Two-Level Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion.

Gerhard J. Fuchs, MD, FACS, vice chair of Surgery, gave presentations at the University of Indiana meeting of the International Kidney Stone Institute Oct. 18-19 in Indianapolis and at the National Brazilian Endourology meeting Nov. 14-17 in Rio de Janeiro:

At the IKSI meeting:

  • Fuchs G.: Expanding indications for flexible URS. IKSI Advanced Stone Workshop
  • Fuchs G.: Moderator Live Surgery: Ureteroscopy. IKSI Advanced Stone Workshop

At the National Brazilian Endourology meeting:

  • Fuchs G.: Roundtable Treatment of Staghorn Stones; panelist.
  • Fuchs G.: Roundtable Treatment of Ureteral Stones; panelist.
  • Fuchs G.: Complications of ureteroscopy.
  • Fuchs G.: Complications of Endourology: Bleeding and extravasation with Percutaneous Stone Surgery.
  • Fuchs G.: State-of-the Art Lecture: Treatment of upper tract transitional tumors with endoscopic surgery.
  • Fuchs G.: Treatment of choice for renal pelvic stones > 1.5 cm: the role of RIRS.

Book chapter:

  • Jian Tajbakhsh, PhD, and Arkadiusz Gertych, PhD, "3-D Quantitative DNA Methylation Imaging for Chromatin Texture Analysis in Pharmacoepigenomics and Toxicoepigenomics." In "Epigenomics: From Chromatin Biology to Therapeutics," K. Appasani, editor. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Available since August 2012. The book, with contributions from experts in epigenetics, constitutes the first of its kind to publish ideas and strategies about the new concept of chromatin-based therapies in modern biomedicine, depicted with cutting-edge technologies from academia and leading companies.

Accepted article:

  • “Thromboprophylaxis and major oncologic surgery performed with epidural analgesia.” Daniel Shouhed, MD, Farin Amersi, MD, Thomas Sibert, BsC, Karen Sibert, MD, Emad Hemaya, MD, Allan W. Silberman, MD,PhD. Archives of Surgery, September 17, 2012, Online