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State-of-the-Art Spine Care 2012 – Sept. 29

Multi-Specialty Plastic Surgery Symposium and the Bernard G. Sarnat, MD, Lectureship – Nov. 2-4

20th International Symposium on Pancreatic & Biliary Endoscopy Conference – Jan. 25-27

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Circle of Friends honorees for June

The Circle of Friends program honored 112 people in June.

Circle of Friends allows grateful patients to make a donation in honor of the physicians, nurses, caregivers and others who have made a difference during their time at Cedars-Sinai. When a gift is made, the person being honored receives a custom lapel pin and a letter of acknowledgement.

Click here for more information about the program and for a list of past honorees.

- Massoud H. Agahi, MD

- Michael J. Alexander, MD

- Arie L. Alkalay, MD

- Deborah Ambrose, RN, BSN, MSN

- Paula J. Anastasia Davis, RN, MN, AOCN

- Carlos Anaya, MD

- Hyun Bae, MD

- Gladis A. Barravecchio

- Eraj Basseri, MD

- Samuel A. Berkman, MD

- Sushma Bhadauria, MD

- Donna M. Bias, RN, BSN

- Keith L. Black, MD

- Danielle H. Blum

- Derek Boardman, RN

- Kathryn H. Bornhurst, RN

- Cheryl Bradley, RN

- Glenn D. Braunstein, MD

- Barry J. Brock, MD

- Blessie M. Bulaon

- Metchi Z. Caballero, RN

- Brendan J. Carroll, MD

- Ilana Cass, MD

- Bojan Cercek, MD, PhD

- Julie Choi

- Andrew Chuang, MD

- Sumeet S. Chugh, MD

- J. Louis Cohen, MD

- Steven D. Colquhoun, MD

- Maria V. Cordero

- Elsa I. Cunha, RN, BSN

- Catherine M. Dang, MD

- Mark M. Davidson, MD

- Noam Z. Drazin, MD

- J. Kevin Drury, MD

- Marla C. Dubinsky, MD

- Joel D. Feinstein, MD

- Morton H. Field, MD

- Arnold S. Friedman, MD

- Gerhard J. Fuchs, MD

- Angel M. Fuentes

- Elayne K. Garber, MD

- Anita B. Gattenuo

- Eli Ginsburg, MD

- Armando E. Giuliano, MD

- Richard N. Gold, MD

- Jeffrey S. Goodman, MD

- Richard E. Gould, MD

- Robert A. Gross, MD

- Behrooz Hakimian, MD

- Solomon I. Hamburg, MD

- Jason S. Hamilton, MD

- Michael D. Harris, MD

- Leonel Hunt, MD

- Asma Hussaini, MS, PA-C

- Bree Hysjulien

- Stanley C. Jordan, MD

- David Y. Josephson, MD

- Peter Julien, MD

- Adam D. Karns, MD

- Stephen P. Kay, MD

- Jon P. Kea, MD

- Hyung L. Kim, MD

- Diana Kirakosyan

- Jon A. Kobashigawa, MD

- Jennifer W. Lin, MD

- Rajendra Makkar, MD

- Dwight L. Makoff, MD

- William J. Mandel, MD

- Glenn A. Marshak, MD

- Sasan Massachi, MD

- Philomena McAndrew, MD

- Robert McKenna, Jr., MD

- Amin Joseph Mirhadi, MD

- Zuri Murrell, MD

- Ronald B. Natale, MD

- Nicholas Nissen, MD

- Megan O'Dell, RN

- Raena Olsen, DO

- Guy D. Paiement, MD

- Mitchel Pariani, MS, CGC

- Robert S. Pashman, MD

- Chirag G. Patil, MD

- Brian Perri, MD, DO

- Edward H. Phillips, MD

- Edwin Posadas, MD

- Irving Posalski, MD

- Vichin C. Puri, MD

- Robbin Rabbani, RN

- Rab R. Razzak, MD

- Ricardo R. Reantaso, CN

- Sutha Sachar, MD

- Gregory P. Sarna, MD

- Jay Schapira, MD

- Joshua B. Scherling, MD

- Dina L. Schultz, RN

- Alan E. Shapiro, MD

- Edward J. Share, MD

- Omid A. Shaye, MD

- Chrisandra L. Shufelt, MD, MS

- Robert J. Siegel, MD

- Allan W. Silberman, MD, PhD

- David S. Silver, MD

- Edy E. Soffer, MD

- Jasminka Stegic, MS, ANP-BC, CCRN

- Alfredo Trento, MD

- Conrad J. Tseng, MD

- Robert A. Vescio, MD

- Xunzhang Wang, MD

- Jonathan M. Weiner, MD

- Janet Y.White, MD

- Edward M. Wolin, MD