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Nicholas Nissen, MD, has been appointed as director of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai.

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Attendings encouraged to apply to Clinical Professorial Series

Attending physicians at Cedars-Sinai who actively participate in the Cedars-Sinai teaching mission are now eligible for appointment in the Clinical Professorial Series. Academic titles are conferred via a peer-review process similar to other institutions of higher learning. The series launched early this year.

"We are a long-standing academic medical center and teaching hospital, and we have been for years," said William Brien, MD, chair of the inaugural Clinical Academic Promotions and Appointments Council. "Over the years our academic and teaching programs have grown substantially, and in response we have implemented a mechanism to recognize the significant clinical teaching, research and other academic work taking place at Cedars-Sinai."

The clinical professorial series is open to all members of the medical staff. The selection process is open to full-time, part-time and volunteer physicians at the medical center.

Eli M. Baron, MD, a neurosurgeon at the Cedars-Sinai Spine Center, received his clinical professorial appointment on July 3, one of the first physicians in the program. He is now a clinical associate professor of neurosurgery.

"It's an important step because an academic appointment reflects your background and training," Baron said. "Without this on-going peer-reviewed feedback and title, there's no acknowledgement or recognition of the fact that there are differences among various physicians' academic backgrounds."

The review process requires physicians to meet rigorous criteria and undergo review by a committee of peers selected from across campus.

"It's not simply an application," Baron said. "The appointment is a reflection of your background and training, and to receive it is a measure of achievement."

All attending physicians are encouraged to apply for an appointment; please contact Tara O'Shea, director of Academic Human Resources, at (310) 423-5539 or for additional information.