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Division of Orthopaedic Surgery Keeps Growing

By William W. Brien, MD
Executive Vice-Chair, Department of Surgery
Director, Cedars-Sinai Orthopaedic Center

The Division of Orthopaedic Surgery continues its decade-long growth. In the past year, we have continued our recruitment of nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons to join our division.

Orthopedic oncologist Daniel Chris Allison, MD, joins Earl Brien, MD, making our musculoskeletal oncology service one of the largest programs on the West Coast. Foot and ankle surgeon David Thordarson, MD, joins Glenn Pfeffer, MD, in expanding our Foot and Ankle Center. We are pleased to welcome back pediatric orthopedic surgeon Robert M. Bernstein, MD, and upper extremity surgeon Ryan DellaMaggiora, MD, who has joined the Cedars-Sinai Medical Group and Myles Cohen, MD, David Kulber, MD, and Stuart Kuschner, MD.

We look forward to the recruitment of Thomas Kremen, MD, who is completing his fellowship training in sports medicine at Duke University, and will join Rodney Gabriel, MD, and Justin Saliman, MD, on our sports medicine service in September. We have a strong balance of voluntary, full-time and Medical Network faculty. This diversity is a programmatic strength, providing outstanding patient care and high-quality outcomes, clinical research and education. Sonu Ahluwalia, MD, is the clinical chief of the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery and is doing a great job in representing the division.

We began our orthopedic residency last year, and we have just matched our second resident class. We will have a total of eight orthopedic residents at Cedars-Sinai in July. Our incoming class of 2013 (four residents) are all AOA (graduated in the top 5 percent of their medical school class). What a great distinction. We continue to have a highly competitive orthopedic trauma fellowship program and will look to expand our fellowship programs in joint replacement and foot and ankle surgery. Our orthopedic residency and fellowship programs will drive and expand our educational and research programs.

Our research labs include biomechanics, stem cell regeneration and cell biology. Our clinical research program continues to grow with many peer-reviewed publications and scientific presentations at national meetings during the past year.

We offer educational courses to physicians and do educational outreach in our community. We have annual programs for primary care physicians, pediatricians and orthopedic trauma physicians.

We have a robust dance medicine program under Glenn Pfeffer, MD, and Margo Apostolos, PhD, who lead our Cedars-Sinai/USC Glorya Kaufman Dance Medicine Center. Pfeffer also leads our Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation program for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorders.

In the latest U.S. News and World Report rankings, Cedars-Sinai placed 12th in the nation in orthopedics - up from No. 22 in 2011-12.