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More Honors Come Our Way, and Greater Success Lies Within Our Reach

Message From the Chair

The beginning of this new academic year was heralded by the arrival of bright, freshly minted housestaff and new faculty and attendings. All are eager to engage in the principal activity of Cedars-Sinai – the superb care of a wide-ranging group of patients with the most challenging illnesses.

The recent release of the U.S. News & World Report rankings of outstanding hospitals reaffirms our standing in the health care firmament. Cedars-Sinai once again was included in the Honor Roll, named No. 13 of the top 18 facilities in the country. In particular, the surgical specialties and related medical colleagues were well represented; gastroenterology and GI surgery were ranked No. 5 in the country while our cardiology and heart surgery, orthopedics and urology programs were all in the top 10 nationally. Notably, Cedars-Sinai was the only hospital not primarily configured as a medical school in the list of top hospitals.

"To those given much, much is expected." It will be up to us to continue to excel at those extras that distinguish us as a leader in academic medicine. First and foremost, we must never forget that our reputation for superb care and caring is earned every day in each individual patient. There is no room to back off, even a little, as expectations are high.

U.S. News Rankings

In addition to being named to the national Honor Roll (No. 13 among all U.S. hospitals), here are Cedars-Sinai's specialty rankings:

Cancer (No. 26)
Cardiology and Heart Surgery (No. 9)
Diabetes and Endocrinology (No. 14)
Ear, Nose and Throat (No. 29)
Gastroenterology and GI Surgery (No. 5)
Geriatrics (No. 23)
Gynecology (No. 12)
Nephrology (No. 22)
Neurology and Neurosurgery (No. 14)
Orthopedics (No. 9)
Pulmonology (No. 20)
Urology (No. 10)

As well, we need to nurture our national reputation for postgraduate medical education which has been particularly strengthened in the surgical disciplines. Our general surgery residency is now one of the most competitive in the country with more than 750 applications for our four categorical slots. Although created in just the last few years, the cardiothoracic, urology and orthopedic residencies have attracted a remarkable cadre of highly prized recruits. It is our responsibility to make the educational experience at Cedars-Sinai live up to our promises and their expectations. It is also our challenge to find the funds to maintain academic opportunities for these future leaders.

Finally, the biggest change in Cedars-Sinai surgery over the last decade has been the quality and volume of academic output. Fueled by a sustained growth in federal research funding (now more than $4.5 million annually) and the rich clinical experience contributed by all of our practicing physicians, contributions from Cedars-Sinai surgery are a mainstay of the programs of every major regional and national surgical meeting. A large number of widely cited publications appear in every specialty journal. As just one example, over the last four years, the surgical trauma critical care team has averaged more than 15 national publications per year.

These academic achievements synergize with our long-standing reputation for the finest clinical care and help make Cedars-Sinai a balanced and stable organization. It is fine to take pride in our success to date. We must not forget that even greater accomplishments are waiting for us as long as we maintain the spirit of collegiality we all enjoy and honor our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Bruce L. Gewertz, MD
H and S Nichols Endowed Chair in Surgery
Chair, Department of Surgery
Vice President, Interventional Services
Vice Dean, Academic Affairs