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OpTime and Anesthesia Will Go Live Nov. 9

The transition to the CS-Link™ OpTime and Anesthesia modules is just weeks away. In the early hours of Saturday, Nov. 9, Cedars-Sinai will move one step closer to achieving its vision of "one patient, one record" as it begins using these modules to deliver patient care.

OpTime will replace all functionality of the current Surgery Information Systems application – scheduling, materials management, charge capture and intraoperative documentation in the perioperative and procedural areas.

Anesthesia will replace the paper anesthesia record and will include clinical documentation for all phases of anesthesia care, including device integration.

Enhancements Coming When OpTime and Anesthesia Go Live

  • Intraoperative and intraprocedure documentation, including anesthesia, will be in the CS-Link integrated patient record. One patient, one record.
  • Improved reporting – data fields consistent across all intraprocedure areas
  • 310 operative and procedure areas live with CS-Link
  • Scheduling in CS-Link – a single integrated system
  • PPTP/APEC workflow integration with preoperative process
  • Surgeon's schedule available with office schedule, providing quick access to the patient record
  • OR schedule accessible in CS-Link for quick access to the patient record
  • Communication to families in waiting rooms and to clinicians and staff in the preop, postop, intraoperative and procedural areas via large status board monitors

Go-Live Readiness Activities

How we prepare for this change is just as important as the transition itself. A number of "go-live ready" activities will help ensure we are fully prepared.

Training, Sept. 21-Oct. 10

  • End user training is underway and will continue up until go-live.
  • CS-Link playground available to practice new skills prior to go-live.

Anesthesia device validation, Oct. 14-25

  • Anesthesia device validation will take place in mid-October. This will allow anesthesiologists to observe incoming device integration patient data in CS-Link (as time permits during a case).
  • As part of the device validation process, the technical team will ensure that the touch screen computers are working properly in preparation for go-live.
  • Office hours will be available to surgeons and anesthesiologists, providing the opportunity to view new workflows and ask questions. Details, such as times and locations, will be forthcoming.

Appointment conversion, Oct. 26

  • Beginning in late October, all areas going live with the OpTime application will schedule procedures for Nov. 9 and forward using the OpTime scheduler. Starting this process two weeks in advance of go-live will provide a smooth transition to the new scheduling process.

If you have questions about the CS-Link OpTime/Anesthesia go-live, please contact Jan Decker, director of Perioperative Services, 310-423-5545, or Despina Hopkins, EIS Perioperative Service Line manager, 310-248-8604.

You can find more information by visiting the OpTime/Anesthesia page at CS-Link Central.