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Assurant Health Is an Option for Patients With Non-Employer Insurance

Cedars-Sinai has learned of another option for patients who have individual and family health insurance that includes coverage for the medical center and most of its physicians. This information regarding patients with non-employer, non-group insurance does not apply to Cedars-Sinai employees who receive employer-provided health insurance from Cedars-Sinai.

The insurance company is Assurant Health, which offers Affordable Care Act-compliant plans in California. Among its options is a full range of PPO network plans that use the Aetna broad preferred provider organization network.

These plans are part of Assurant's major medical insurance offerings and must be purchased directly from the company or a registered agent; plans are not part of the Covered California health benefit exchange. The latest date to enroll in an Assurant Health plan is March 15, for an effective date of April 1.

For more information and to enroll, patients can call Assurant Health at 800-358-9931 or visit the company's website.

In addition to the Assurant Health offerings, the following options are still open for enrollment and provide coverage for care from Cedars-Sinai and most of its physicians.

Plans available through the Covered California health benefit exchange:

  • Health Net Bronze PPO
  • Health Net Catastrophic PPO (available to people under age 30)
  • Health Net Tribal PPO (available to Native Americans and Alaska natives with certain incomes)

Plans available through an insurance broker or insurance company directly (off the exchange):

  • Health Net Platinum PPO
  • Health Net Gold PPO
  • Health Net Silver PPO
  • Health Net Bronze PPO
  • Health Net Catastrophic PPO (available to people under age 30)

If patients have already selected a plan but would prefer to change to a different one, they have until March 15 to switch. Additional information is available in the "frequently asked questions" section at

Many people who want to come to Cedars-Sinai may be concerned about out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles and co-pays for hospital services. To make things easier, Cedars-Sinai offers a variety of financial assistance programs that are available to those with a wide range of incomes.

Cedars-Sinai has sent a letter to patients who have individual and family health insurance, informing them of the Assurant Health plans and other options for coverage from Cedars-Sinai and most of its physicians. To see the letter, click the PDF link below.

For the most up-to-date information and guidance, visit or email

Letter to Patients - January 2014 (PDF)