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How to Use Medication Orders in CS-Link

Nursing Communications Should Not Be Used for Medication Orders

Proper use of nursing communications in CS-Link™ continues to be a challenge. Although nursing communications are technically orders, they do not activate any downstream services, such as pharmacy, radiology, respiratory therapy or nutrition. The nurse must then call the physician to obtain a proper order, which delays patient care.

In the case of medication orders, this creates a potentially significant patient safety risk. Therefore, it is imperative that nursing communications never be used for medication orders.

Here are some tips to ensure that a proper, actionable medication order is entered:

  • Help order: Type "help" in Order Entry to bring up such options as "Help (unable to find medication)" for nonformulary medications, investigational medication, patient's pump orders, request pharmacy to dose or request pharmacy to renally adjust a medication.
  • Hold order: In Order Entry, type "hold" and multiple options are available. "Hold medication with parameters" is a particularly useful option. Another is "Hold IVF during blood transfusion."
  • Modify or discontinue an existing order: The Manage Orders tab will bring up all active orders, including medications. Click "Modify" or "Discontinue" next to the order.
  • As a last resort, there is an option for a Pharmacy Communication Order, which can be found by typing "pharmacy" in Order Entry. Select "Nursing and/or Pharmacy Communication," then the button for "Pharmacy Communication."

To see illustrations of these tips, click here. Because the linked PDF is behind the Cedars-Sinai firewall, it is available only on Cedars-Sinai computers.