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P & T Approvals, FDA Warning About Hepatitis Drugs, Statement About Plavix

Pharmacy Focus

See highlights of the October meeting of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Also, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released a warning regarding the risk of serious liver injury with use of hepatitis treatments Viekira Pak and Technivie, and the agency says long-term use of Plavix does not change the risk of death for patients with heart disease.

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Surgery Grand Rounds

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Grand Rounds

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Education Schedule

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Education Schedule - December 2015 (PDF)  

Surgery Scheduling

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Circle of Friends Honorees for October

The Circle of Friends program honored 193 people in October.

Circle of Friends allows grateful patients to make a donation in honor of the physicians, nurses, caregivers and others who have made a difference during their time at Cedars-Sinai. When a gift is made, the person being honored receives a custom lapel pin and a letter of acknowledgement.

Click here for more information about the program and for a list of past honorees.

  • Krystianne Nigel Abrenica, RN
  • Monique R. Acosta, RN
  • Keith L. Agre, MD
  • Edward Aguilar
  • Paula J. Anastasia Davis, MN, RN, AOCN
  • Ellen Anifantis, LCSW
  • Arash Asher, MD
  • Lilia G. Ayap
  • Babak Azarbal, MD
  • Michel Babajanian, MD
  • Mark Bamberger, MD
  • Babak R. Bamshad, MD
  • Satinder J. Bhatia, MD
  • Keith L. Black, MD
  • Earl W. Brien, MD
  • William W. Brien, MD
  • Barry J. Brock, MD
  • Alexis Bronder, RN
  • Eileen G. Brown, OCN, RN
  • Neil A. Buchbinder, MD
  • Christiane Michele J. Burnison, MD
  • Allison H. Canavan, MD
  • Jeffrey F. Caren, MD
  • Brendan J. Carroll, MD
  • Ilana Cass, MD
  • Rhona M. Castillo, RN
  • David H. Chang, MD
  • Dorrie Chang, MD
  • Ray M. Chu, MD
  • Paul Cohart, MD
  • Martin Cooper, MD
  • Stephen R. Corday, MD
  • Alice C. Cruz, MD
  • Xiaojiang Cui, PhD
  • Joy Curry
  • Ram C. Dandillaya, MD
  • Shaun S. Daneshrad, MD
  • Catherine M. Dang, MD
  • Tiffany Daun, BSN, RN
  • Robert M. Davidson, MD
  • Maria Wilma D. Davis
  • Alfredo De Los Santos, RN
  • Robert W. Decker, MD
  • Alice R. Dick, MD
  • Noam Z. Drazin, MD
  • Michael T. Duffy, MD
  • Venus V. Escarza
  • Shervin Eshaghian, MD
  • Fardad Esmailian, MD
  • Richard Essner, MD
  • David E. Fermelia, MD
  • Morton H. Field, MD
  • Charles A. Forscher, MD
  • Roslyn Fox
  • Kathleen M. Freund, RN
  • David M. Frisch, MD
  • Ramin Gabbai, MD
  • Dael Geft, MD
  • Ivor L. Geft, MD
  • Alexander Gershman, MD
  • Armando E. Giuliano, MD
  • David B. Golden, MD
  • Sherry L. Goldman, RN, NP
  • Theodore B. Goldstein, MD
  • Mark O. Goodarzi, MD
  • Jeffrey S. Goodman, MD
  • Martin N. Gordon, MD
  • Richard E. Gould, MD
  • Steven B. Graff-Radford, DDS
  • Stephen L. Graham, MD
  • Paul B. Hackmeyer, MD
  • Antoine Hage, MD
  • Melinda A. Hakim, MD
  • Omid Hamid, MD
  • Michele A. Hamilton, MD
  • Michael D. Harris, MD
  • Andrew E. Hendifar, MD
  • Timothy D. Henry, MD
  • David M. Hoffman, MD
  • Arash A. Horizon, MD
  • Jethro L. Hu, MD
  • Robin R. Hudson, RN, CPAN
  • Stanley C. Jordan, MD
  • Jessica Jung, RN
  • Saibal Kar, MD
  • Sheila Kar, MD
  • Beth Y. Karlan, MD
  • Scott R. Karlan, MD
  • Ronald P. Karlsberg, MD
  • Brenda L. Kearney, RN
  • Ilan Kedan, MD, MPH
  • Dennis H. Kim, MD
  • Howard H. Kim, MD
  • Hyung L. Kim, MD
  • Lucy Kim, LCSW, ACM
  • Michelle M. Kittleson, MD, PhD
  • Jon A. Kobashigawa, MD
  • Nidia L. Lanuza
  • Zsofia Laszlo, NP
  • Elda Lazaro, MSW, MPH, LCSW
  • Gary E. Leach, MD
  • Iskra I. Ledic, RN
  • Madeline S. Lerman, BSN, RN
  • Ronald S. Leuchter, MD
  • Meldon C. Levy, MD
  • Andrew J. Li, MD
  • Michael C. Lill, MD
  • Monica Lundry, RN
  • James F. MacDonald, BSN, RN, MPH
  • Hooman Madyoon, MD
  • Rajendra Makkar, MD
  • Lorraine Malina
  • Irene R. Marker, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
  • Philomena McAndrew, MD
  • Shahab Mehdizadeh, MD, MA
  • Puja K. Mehta, MD
  • Farhad Melamed, MD
  • Gil Y. Melmed, MD, MS
  • Erin Meschter, MD
  • Stewart Middler, MD, PhD
  • Margo Minissian, MSN, RN, NP, ACNP-BC, CLS-BC, CNS
  • Owel R. Miranda, RN
  • Jaime D. Moriguchi, MD
  • Ashkan L. Naraghi, MD
  • David G. Ng, MD
  • Nicholas N. Nissen, MD
  • Arshia M. Noori, MD
  • Kristine Norland, RN
  • Adrian G. Ostrzega, MD
  • Shi-Hui Pan, PharmD
  • Alice Peng, MD
  • Glenn B. Pfeffer, MD
  • Howard E. Pitchon, MD
  • Robert B. Pompa, MD
  • Shervin Rabizadeh, MD
  • Alexandre Rasouli, MD
  • John F. Reinisch, MD
  • Gary Reznik, MD
  • Sepehr Rokhsar, MD
  • Barry E. Rosenbloom, MD
  • Howard L. Rosner, MD
  • Carmelita Runyan, RN
  • Amy S. Rutman, MD
  • Deborah Saks-Morgan, RN
  • Vivian L. Salle, RN
  • Tracy Salseth, ACNP-BC
  • Howard M. Sandler, MD, MS
  • Benjamin S. Santos, MD
  • Gregory P. Sarna, MD
  • Kevin Scher, MD
  • David W. Scott, PhD
  • Payam Shadi, MD
  • Aamir S. Shah, MD
  • Prediman K. Shah, MD
  • Dale S. Sherman, PhD
  • Jeffrey H. Sherman, MD
  • Robert J. Siegel, MD
  • Amanuel Sima, MD
  • Steven M. Simons, MD
  • R. Kendrick "Ken" Slate, MD
  • Enrique Slodownik, MD
  • Kenneth O. Sparks, MD
  • Andrew Ira Spitzer, MD
  • Jasminka Stegic, MS, ANP-BC, CCRN
  • Theodore N. Stein, MD
  • Daniel J. Stone, MD, MPH, MBA
  • Steven W. Tabak, MD
  • Tram T. Tran, MD
  • Alfredo Trento, MD
  • Conrad J. Tseng, MD
  • Gregory Tsushima, MD
  • Paidamwoyo S. Tswakanyi, RN
  • Francis Tucker, RN
  • Richard Tuli, MD, PhD
  • Mark K. Urman, MD
  • Lynette Ursini, RN
  • Lacey Valenza, RN
  • Noel G. Valmores, MSN, RN, CMSRN
  • Marina Vaysburd, MD
  • Angela Velleca, BSN, RN, CCTC
  • Robert A. Vescio, MD
  • Ronald G. Victor, MD
  • Willis Wagner, MD
  • Christine S. Walsh, MD
  • Jonathan M. Weiner, MD
  • Marleen J. Williams, RN
  • Sophia D. Woods
  • Clement C. Yang, MD
  • Michael C. Yang, MD
  • John S. Yu, MD
  • Evan M. Zahn, MD
  • Phillip C. Zakowski, MD
  • Hong Zhou, NP