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FDA Requires Drug Interaction Studies for Kayexalate

Pharmacy Focus

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is requiring the manufacturer of the hyperkalemia drug Kayexalate to conduct studies to investigate Kayexalate's potential to bind to other medications administered by mouth — drug interactions that could affect how well the other medications work.

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CS-Link Tip: Be Specific When Storing Problems

This week's tip comes from the newest member of the physician team at Enterprise Information Services, Anil Goud, MD.

When storing problems within problem lists in CS-Link™, use the calculator to drive to as much specificity as possible. (Hint: The more digits in the actual code, the more specific the code.) This will decrease the number of times the calculator will pop up when you use the problem within the visit encounter, or at least decrease the number of options to choose from.

A great example is heart failure:

  • Heart failure — too nonspecific
  • Chronic systolic heart failure — too specific; may not cause the calculator to fire if you wanted to mention an acute component
  • Systolic heart failure — perfect; it will bring up the calculator but should only ask you to choose acuity (acute vs. chronic vs. acute-on-chronic)

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