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Techstars Couple Targets Hospital Technology

Yosko 220px

Yosko co-founders and husband and wife, Javier Otin and Andriana Nikolova, MD.

First, as a student at Harvard Medical School, and later as an internal medicine resident at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Andriana Nikolova, MD, spotted a healthcare paradox.

"On the one hand, there had been so many advances in terms of techniques and medications," said Nikolova. "But in terms of technology, it was like healthcare was stuck in the ‘80s."

Nikolova who started at Harvard in 2007, pointed to pagers, paper print outs, and fax machines as evidence of the technological time warp. She also was puzzled by the way patients were transferred from one care team to another.

"Usually, the daily hand-off of patients just involves one shift talking to the next and maybe scribbling some notes," said Nikolova. "Where's the technology?"

Nikolova is working to bridge the tech gaps as the co-founder and chief executive officer of Yosko, a health-tech startup. The company recently rolled out a mobile care-coordination platform for hospitals that improves team collaboration, transitions of care and efficiency in procedural areas.

"Being a physician and an entrepreneur are intricately connected," said Nikolova, who just completed the first year of her Cardiology Fellowship at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. "In clinical practice, you face the limits of medicine and gaps in care, so you start coming up with ideas to address these problems."

Nikolova who grew up in Yambol, Bulgaria, started the company in 2012 with a Harvard classmate and fellow international student, Javier Otin. From Madrid, Spain, Otin was pursuing a master's degree in information technology.

The business partnership came a year before another partnership between the two – marriage. Nikolova sees the dual relationship as a perfect fit.

"Creating a startup company with a co-founder is like being in a marriage anyway because you spend so much time together and you really need to have a profound connection," said Nikolova.

That connection has taken the couple and their company from Boston to Los Angeles. The coast-to-coast trek was prompted by Nikolova's acceptance into the Cedars-Sinai fellowship – a program that topped her wish list.

"I want to be a cardiologist," she said. "But my long-term vision is to become a heart transplant specialist, and Cedars-Sinai does the most adult heart transplants nationwide. Every single day it's inspiring to interact with the world's leading heart transplant specialists and cardiologists. It's such an honor to be here."

That honor was accompanied by a serendipitous coincidence. When Nikolova was starting her Cardiology Fellowship, Cedars-Sinai launched a new program designed to help health-tech startups grow and achieve marketplace success.

Called Techstars Healthcare Accelerator, in Partnership with Cedars-Sinai, the venture attracted more than 500 applications worldwide, including one submitted by Nikolova and Otin.

They were among the 11 accepted into the 2016 Healthcare Accelerator class that started on March 28 and concluded on June 23.

For Nikolova and Otin, it was time well spent. They introduced their mobile care-coordination platform Yosko Flow Manager – which already is being used by the largest hospital system in New York City – to nearly 100 hospital administrators via a webinar.

The pair also developed a second mobile platform. Dubbed Yosko OR Manager, the platform tracks patients prior to scheduled procedures, with an eye toward ensuring that all pre-procedure tests and documents are completed, thus reducing procedure-day delays and cancellations.

The next step is piloting the platform at Cedars-Sinai.

"A year from now, we hope to be actively marketing both of these products," Nikolova said.

Chances are good that additional innovations will be coming.

"This is a profession where you learn something new from your patients and science almost every day," said Nikolova. "You can't help but be inspired and want to create new products and solutions."

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