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81‐Year‐Old Man With Weakness and Edema (Case of the Quarter)
March 3

Into the Abyss: From Obamacare to Trumpcare (Ethics Noon Conference)
March 15

Harnessing Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Performance and Fulfillment: A Skills Lab for Healthcare Professionals
March 18

Surgery Grand Rounds

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Grand Rounds

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Education Schedule - February 2017 (PDF)

Education Schedule - March 2017 (PDF)

Surgery Scheduling

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CS-Link Tip: Updating Immunization Orders

Here are a few tips for navigating CS-Link™ in the new year:

  • When it comes to updating immunizations that are ordered and not given, the option to defer immunization orders will no longer be available. Please use the "delete" option and reorder the vaccination as needed at a future date.
  • When writing compounded medications, remember they cannot be e-prescribed. For nonscheduled compounded medications ordered as an outpatient prescription, the order class will now be defaulted to "normal," which will automatically e-fax the medications to the pharmacy. For scheduled medications, the default will be "no print," and will require a written prescription. (Compounded medications are not eligible for EPCS and controlled substances cannot be e-faxed.)
  • When taking more than one set of vitals, use the link: vitalsmultiple. This link will display the comments and is useful for orthostatic vitals.

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