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March 3

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March 15

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March 18

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Surgeon Writes about Healthcare Under Trump

David V. Cossman, MD, co-director of Vascular Trauma and co-medical director of the Vascular Laboratory, wrote a piece for General Surgery News about what healthcare can expect from the Trump presidency.

Here's an excerpt from the article that ran with the headline Make Surgery Great Again:

The language of campaigns is hyperbolic and metaphoric. Trump doesn't need to physically build a wall between the United States and Mexico to enforce immigration laws already on the books, just as Obama didn't need to shutter Guantánamo Bay to pursue a foreign policy radically different from his predecessors.

The ACA might be hard to kill even with a willing president and Congress. It survived two Supreme Court challenges, and has some popular features, such as providing insurance for 20 million previously uninsured, preventing cancellation for pre-existing conditions and allowing children to stay on a parent's policy until age 26. Having mocked Obama for five years for promising the ACA would allow you to keep your policy if you liked it, the Republicans run a big risk if they turn around and rescind the newly acquired insurance of 20 million Americans.

To read the entire article, see the website of General Surgery News. (To access the article, you must create a login, which is free.)