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Cedars-Sinai, Torrance Memorial Plan Affiliation

A message from Thomas M. Priselac, president and CEO of Cedars-Sinai

Over the past several years, Cedars-Sinai has initiated numerous innovative partnerships, affiliations and other working relationships with a variety of healthcare providers to help enhance access, coordination and quality of care for patients throughout the region. These have taken many different forms, including partnerships with UCLA and Select Medical (California Rehabilitation Institute), primary care and specialty medical groups joining Cedars-Sinai Medical Network, the purchase of Marina Del Rey Hospital, and a variety of other clinical and research relationships with organizations.

I am now pleased to announce plans for a formal affiliation between Cedars-Sinai and Torrance Memorial.

The proposed affiliation will provide a platform for future collaborations in primary and specialty care, expanded access to the latest clinical trials and an efficient sharing of resources among both institutions.

While the proposed affiliation has been approved by each institution's board of directors, it will soon be submitted for review by various regulatory agencies that approve proposed affiliations of this type. The regulatory approval process is expected to take about six months.

Under the proposed affiliation, each institution will continue to have its employees and own hospital medical staff and related physician organizations, will retain its respective president and board of directors and continue to operate separately, but will affiliate under a new parent organization. The board of the parent organization will be composed of representatives from Cedars-Sinai and Torrance Memorial.

In addition to continuing to serve as president and CEO of Cedars-Sinai, I will serve as the president and CEO of the new parent organization, to be called Cedars-Sinai Health System. Cedars-Sinai Health System will consist of two entities, Cedars-Sinai and Torrance Memorial.

Cedars-Sinai includes the 886-bed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the 145-bed Marina Del Rey Hospital, Cedars-Sinai Medical Network (including Cedars-Sinai Medical Group, Cedars-Sinai Health Associates and other groups such as Valley Internal Medicine, California Heart Center, Tower Hematology Oncology, Kerlan-Jobe Institute and The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute), our research and academic enterprise, and our growing network of primary care, urgent care and specialty care centers throughout the Los Angeles region.

Torrance Memorial includes the 470-bed Torrance Memorial Medical Center, a multispecialty physician group (Torrance Memorial Physician Network), an independent physician association (Torrance Health IPA) and an accountable care organization (Torrance Memorial Integrated Physicians), which collectively include more than 500 physicians. Torrance Memorial also has several outpatient centers located throughout the South Bay region.

Along with Cedars-Sinai, Torrance Memorial (founded in 1925) is one of California's longest-serving nonprofit healthcare organizations and has an outstanding track record of providing quality care for the South Bay. In the past several years, Cedars-Sinai has collaborated with Torrance Memorial on a variety of projects such as the establishment of a telestroke program to more quickly diagnose and treat stroke patients and a proposed partnership involving their cancer program. The relationship has been very positive and constructive for both institutions and has enhanced access for patients. While Cedars-Sinai and Torrance Memorial are very different in size and scope of services, both institutions have a longstanding commitment to serving the community.

The proposed affiliation will provide additional ways for all of us at Cedars-Sinai and at Torrance Memorial to fulfill the reason we come to work each day: to continually improve the lives of the people and communities we serve. Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to our mission.